Program Note

Muskie's Juke Joint, which follows Big Road Blues, will be doing a special extended program which will take over my time slot next week airing from 5PM to 10PM. Dave Moskal will be doing his final show after hosting Muskie's Juke Joint for the past fifteen years. I'll be sitting in for a bit plus there should be a bunch of special guests. Make sure to tune in, it should be lots of fun! Big Road Blues will resume on February 17th. Muskie's Juke Joint will continue with Dave's longtime fill-in Doc taking the reins.


Taking a cue from a Peetie Wheatstraw song I've got those "Ice And Snow Blues" today. As I look out the window today the snow is falling fast and heavy with no let up in sight. Unfortunately I'll have to play it safe and stay home which means no show today. Today's show was going to be a feature on singers Junior Parker and Bobby Bland which will be pushed back to January 6th. Make sure to tune in next week for our Christmas blues show.

Peetie Wheatstraw – Ice And Snow Blues (MP3)


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